I had a ton of questions on my spray tan & self tanner I use after my recent trip to California! And after an Instagram poll I was surprised that so many of you wanted me to share my routine! But I am pale, like SO SO pale naturally and I love dark spray tans so I’m happy to share my secrets with you babes! So let’s get started!

I’ve tried tons of self tanners & different spray tans and Mystic Tan is by far the best!
I get mine at a local tanning salon called Golden Image and I love it because it only takes 5 minutes, it goes on so even & it’s never orange, and it’s done completely by the booth! You don’t have someone else spraying you down! Follow my exact routine below!

1. I ask for the Mystic Tan in Dark with these additives: Mocha-Kissed Bronzer, Island-Kissed Bronzer & the Accelerator. The bronzers help deepen the tan & with the accelerator you start to see results within 2 hours. You can also add scents to your tan but I actually like the smell of the spray tan itself! 
2. Once I’m in the booth I apply the blending cream to my hands & feet and put on a shower cap. I make sure all my hair is inside the cap because it will stain blonde hair temporarily! Both the blending cream & shower caps are provided in the
rooms by the salon! 
3. Spray!
4. After the spray is finished I stay in the booth for one minute while it dries the tan with warm air! The booth will tell you when it’s finished to exit & close the door. 
5.. After stepping out I wipe my hands, nails & the bottoms of my feet off with
wipes also provided in the room!
6. Get dressed, I always wear loose fitting “spray tan” clothing. The solution won’t stain your clothes but I never wear anything I wouldn’t want stained!
7. Wait to shower! I normally get sprayed in the evening & let my tan develop overnight.

If I’m traveling, I get sprayed two days before leaving so it has plenty of time to set and I’m not rinsing it off in a rush the same morning I’m leaving! Now for my self tanner routine!

I normally wait 2-3 days after rinsing to apply this Mystic Tan self tanning spray. Since I’m so pale & get dark spray tans it normally does fade a little bit after a few days, nothing drastic but I use the spray with a mitt to keep the color looking fresh & deep!
After that I reapply daily as needed! I did this routine before leaving for LA & I still had color left almost two weeks later! I use this buffer from Spongelle to remove any leftover tan before getting another! It smells so good & it can be used multiple times!

Shop my self tanning products below + find a Mystic Tan salon near you here!