Happy 2020 friends! I thought I would start the year out by sharing my favorite purchases from 2019! Scroll down to read my favs + shop!

1. Glossier Boy Brow Grooming Pomade
One of the best brow products I’ve EVER used! It makes your brows look so thick & fluffy and it’s so easy to just throw on & go!

2. Starskin Orglamic Pink Cactus Overnight Lip Mask
I just recently started using this and I’m already obsessed! My lips are so dry this time of year & I can never consistently apply chapstick, I added this to my nightly routine and it’s made a huge difference!

3. Initial Phone Case
You guys loveddd this phone case when I shared it on instagram & I love it too! It’s super durable & the colors/font can be customized! 

4. Murad Acne Body Wash
Raise your hand if you hate body breakouts… ME TOO! I’ve tried so many different body washes and none of them compared to this one! It works, a little goes a long way & the bottle huge so you’re getting a bang for your buck! 

5. Vital Proteins Collagen Water
This summer Vital Proteins sent over a pack of their Collagen Water & I instantly fell in love!! It’s so good & each bottle contains 10g of collagen! I love the blueberry mint flavor! 

6. Chanel Medium Double Flap Bag
I bought this bag towards the beginning of the year for my birthday & it quickly became my go-to for obvious reasons! This was the first Chanel bag I purchased and I would highly highly recommend it to anyone, it’s so classic! I would also love to do more in depth bag reviews in 2020, let me know if this something you guys would like to see!

7. Ray-Ban Dupe Sunglasses
These sunglasses look exactly like Ray-Bans but they’re only $10!! I always bring these to the beach because I’m scared I’ll lose or leave my real Ray-Bans there!

8. Barefoot Dreams Throw
You guys have probably heard about this blanket 10000 times this year but it seriously lives up to the hype!! It’s so warm & cozy and the leopard print is so dang cute!

9. SKIMS Sculpting Bodysuit, Bra & Core Control Thong
You’ve also probably heard me rave about SKIMS but this was my absolute favorite purchase of 2019, I wear their items daily & I don’t think I could live without their shapewear! I’m still working on a full review of everything I’ve purchased but the Sculpting Bodysuit, Bra & Core Control Thong are a few of my must haves!

​10. Lapcos Sheet Masks 
These Lapcos Masks make my skin look & feel fabulous and they’re super affordable! I’ve been using these 3 nonstop this winter to help combat my dry skin & chapped lips! 

11. 5-Pack iPhone Chargers 
I purchased this $15 pack of iPhone chargers on a whim earlier this year before a trip and I still can’t believe how well they’ve held up! I don’t think any of them have stopped working & I always have a charger with me!